Motes of the Day

April 10: James Bowie; born in in 1796 and died at the Alamo, San Antonio Texas just 40 years later in March of 1836. He was not a complete hero, nor was he a devil. He was just a man.

April 8: Richard Cole; died at 103 years old. A hero. The last of the famous Doolittle Raiders of WWII. If you want to see, check out the 2001  movie “Pearl Harbor”. Good flick.

File this under no good deed goes unpunished, or Florida strikes again. A man at a Gainesville  Waffle House paid for everyone’s meal. He was talking with customers when he got into dispute with one of them. (Remember he had already paid for the meals). The other customer went outside, returned with a gun and shot the good Samaritan to death.

All these politicritters keep talking about a “gun buy back”. You can’t buy “back” something you never owned in the first place. This would be more on the lines of a forced sale. Or maybe a coercive sale.

On that subject, I mentioned the Rwandan Genocide the other day. It that civil disturbance, 800,000 people lost their lives in a matter of a few months. Most of them killed by knives, clubs, and machetes.

The problem with education today; it used to teach you how to think, now it only teaches what to think.

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