A Well Spent Sunday

Spent a great day sitting and talking with my friend Ken Onion. (Pictured here with Jim Newberry and I). We talked about movies, politics, the old west and new innovations. We remembered some old friends gone and commented on new friends and associates.



When I met Ken almost 30 years ago, he was just breaking into the custom knife business and studying under the late Stan Fujisaka. Every once in a while, if there was a brother in need of a fund raiser, Ken was always willing to part with a knife to sell at the party. Even though’ he wasn’t always sure of the next mortgage payment, he was willing to help someone else. Always.

Well, fast forward to today. Ken is, well let’s just say he’s comfortable. But he is as giving and humble as he was when I met him almost 30 years ago. He still gives of his time and products to those in need. He is always willing to mentor new knife makers but it doesn’t stop there.

In fact, he and Gov. Sarah Palin founded and fund the Alaskan Healing Hearts foundation for disabled vet’s. A great organization and cause.

Ken has designed knives for Steven Seagal, Steven Tyler, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and many others carry a K.O.designed knife in their pocket.

I remember one fourth of July bar-b-q at Ken’s. Only in Hawaii, and at Ken Onions house, would you see a trio of Japanese billionaires, talking with the club presidents of two major 3 piece patch motorcycle clubs, standing next to a Filipino bag pipe player (in full kilt), and all of them watching a haole chinese lion dancer.

I’m proud to be able to call Ken my friend and brother.

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