Motes of Another Color

Wow, what a week, I don’t know where to start.

Jim Carey says we are “doomed” if we don’t regulate capitalism. This from an anti-vaxer with no education and no working skills who once called California Governor Jerry Brown a “corporate fascist”. And is a really bad artist.

In Florida, where else, they captured a 17’ female python. Snake was pregnant with 73 eggs. She was later euthanized when unable to provide a voter registration card.

In Detroit, a cop shows up intoxicated, to breathalyzer training. Who does he think he works for, TSA?

At the recent WWE Hall of Frame show, professional wrestler Bret Hart attacked by a member of the crowd. For once Trump was not blamed.

And don’t you love karma. A Rhino poacher is stomped to death by an elephant. And then eaten by lions.

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