Friday Motes

Never thought I’d see a headline :” Harvard Fencing Coach Involved In Admission Scandal”. It’s not that I didn’t think Harvard would be involved in a scandal, I just never thought I’d see “fencing coach” in a headline.

How about a large sharp pointy thing update. I did finally get the hilt and basket guard separated. I got a lot of work ahead. Not to mention cleaning and polishing the rusty blade.





I plan to polish the exterior of the basket, then cold blue it and line the interior or the basket with a leather pad. I’ve got some Ohia wood that I want to use as the grip. More as I get it done.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the two men, both would be listed as “adult” but I’m not too sure, who decided to shoot each other in the bullet proof vest.  This was a “here hold my beer” moment that got out of hand. Like people say; “You can’t fix stupid“.

Some representative says she want the 330 million people in America to change the way they talk and act in order that the 0.06 percent won’t feel offended. HUH?

Let’s see if I got this right;

Raise the age to drink; Raise the age to own a firearm; Lower the age to vote.







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