Motes From Another Realm

The headline reads; “For a million U.S. men, failing to register for the draft has serious, long term consequences.” This includes loss of student aid, federal employment and even loss of citizenship.                                                                                 How come the Hollywood elite don’t have anything to say?  Oh yea, it’s just men. Hey Alyssa Milano, are you going to have your son register when he turns 18 in 2029? Are you going to insist, in the name of equality, that you daughter sign up in 2032? Or by that time will such things be only for the “common” people?

How come the only “stars” named in the college scandal have been 2 relatively minor actors? You mean all the other actors, directors, agents, or other entertainment professional’s children got in on their own? Hmmmm.

Ever noticed; the people that accuse other people of being “Nazi’s” are the one’s usually talking and acting like Nazi’s? Just sayin’

“Trump Cheats At Golf At The Highest Level.” I hope so, I sure don’t want someone who cheats at the lowest level as president. Huh?

“Four People Found Dead In South Dakota.” Police chief says there is no threat to public safety. WHAT???

And for those who have seen “The Highwaymen”, here’s a picture of the real posse that took down Bonnie and Clyde.



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