Motes of the Day

Hooray for Georgia. Basically they told Hollywood it’s our state, mind your own business.  Georgia is forwarding a Fetal Heartbeat Bill and the Hollywood elites don’t like other people making their own decisions. Driven, it appears, by Alyssa Milano Hollywood threatened to stop filming there if Georgia made it’s own laws. Georgia did, and Hollywood won’t.

By the way, in pursuing Milano’s history you know what I don’t see? Education. But she sure knows how she want us to live. It also says she has “several Catholic tattoos“. But she is firmly behind abortion until  the child is born. Strange.

Love the fight scene’s in “Badlands“. Especially where the women start off in those sky high high heels, switch to flats in mid battle, then back to the heels by the end of the fight. Someone isn’t watching their continuity.

Headline: Does Pelosi Have A Secret Weapon To Pressure The Release Of Mueller Report?    Maybe I misremember, but when you make someone do something so you won’t release information on them, it’s called EXTORTION,and I thought that was a crime. Silly me.

And I know this comes as a surprise; the New Zealand gangs, well at least one, say       they will not turn in their guns. “We can’t guarantee our own safety”. OMG, criminals that refuse to follow the law. I’m shocked I tell you. Simply shocked.


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