Sometimes I Wonder Motes

Well, it’s spring break time. That’s when all the “young adults”, who will get to vote soon, go on their annual retreat to gain  wisdom and knowledge of life. Yea, sure, you bet, what cho talkin’ about Willis?

To put things in a kind of perspective, the  Surges (S. Dakota Rally) in 2018, counted 739,00 attendee’s. They resulted in 299 arrests. Compared that to Fort Lauderdale’s 179,00 people with 1,382 arrests. Who would you rather come to your party?

Recently read one of those click-bait stories that was “the secrets behind the Hells Angels“.Same old b.s. except for when they wrote about “prospecting” and showed a picture of a Bandido  prospect patch. Oops.

Google “Florida Man” and then your birthday and see who did what on that day. Funny.

“Actor” John Cusak is warning there will no “peaceful transition” in 2020 if Trump loses. Yes sir, I remember all the protests over Clinton’s re-election. No, Wait there weren’t any. I remember all the riots following Obama’s re-election, no wait there were’t any of those either.  Compare those with the actions of the Democrat party since 2016.  John will probably be right, just not the way he thinks.

Regarding the recent N.Z. firearms ban and confiscation, the shooter won.

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