Tuesday Brain Motes

So long to Dick Dale , “King of the Surf guitar”. He has joined that big bikini beach muscle  party in the sky.

Hey, did anybody notice that nobody in Hawaii has been involved in the scholastic bribery case. Hmmmm.

Hirono, the professional politician, says Trump incites acts of violence with his speech. Since 09/15, there have been 336 “recorded” acts of violence toward Trump supporters, 16 national “hoax” crimes by “Trump supporters” (optimum word is hoax) recorded. Who incites what, Mazie?

My latest large sharp pointy object project. Gonna start with the edged Rapier sword on the left. The right appears to be an English Calvary sword. Both are rusted, and pitted, but fair steel. Going to be fun.



As you can see, it’s going to be some work just getting it apart. But fun.

How about some movie reviews.

Alpha; A really good little movie for the whole family to watch. And since in features sub-titles, the kids will have to pay attention. Some would think it was an animated cartoon type movie, but no. It is live action and a thoroughly enjoyable 96 minutes. I will be watching it again.

Triple Frontier; After numerous cast changes, publicity, and false starts, Netflix finally got this one out. I was not impressed. The best actor was the H-3 pretending to be in South America. Other than that, basically a standard heist movie. The “Triple Frontier” aspect was really not used as well as it could have, hell, I could have written it into the story more than they did. Predictable ending and set up for a sequel.  Time waster.

Where in the world is Tulsi Gabbard ?

(Politico-Daniel Strauss)

Well, according to reports, since announcing her candidacy she’s traveled to Chicago, Iowa, Rhode Island, and the “Love City Brewing Company” in Philadelphia, She has also gone to New Hampshire, announced a pair of town hall meetings in Nevada and had other meetings in California.

You know what I’m not seeing on her list of travels? The House of Representatives.

I don’t see anything helping Hawaii. I don’t see her doing anything for the people that elected her to represent them. You know, her constituents.

Tulsi, you should give up your seat to someone that has the best interests of Hawaii. Not someone who desires the national stage. Hawaii has lots of problems, they need to be solved. Not ignored so you can promote yourself. We have enough politicians doing that.

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