Floating Down The Brain Mote River

In Italy; two men have been found not guilty ( which is not the same as innocent) of rape because the woman was “TOO UGLY” to be raped. This ruling came despite her injuries were so severe she needed stitches. HUH?? Everyone is pretty at closing time.

A man in Tennessee has been charged with a felony after he video’d himself dipping his testicles into an order of salsa, he was delivering. This would lead to a whole new meaning to “Great balls of fire”. Pun at your leisure.

Sunday there was televised “World Axe Throwing Championships”. There has been an application filed to open an Axe Throwing Bar here in Honolulu. Drunks throwing steel tipped darts are bad enough, but an axe? Hey, meet my buddy “Bobby Six Toes”.

And in Australia, a para-glider landed in a field only to be attacked by a kangaroo. Someone once told me Australia is the Texas of the rest of the world. Could be a compliment, maybe.

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