Weekend Motes

Czech man mauled by lion kept in the backyard.   Appears he had 2 lions one kept inside and the backyard one killed him. Sort of makes him an ex-Czech? Or maybe a cancelled Czech?

Two sisters arrested for killing father after one confesses murder to their shared boyfriend. Shared boyfriend? The sisters are 62 and 63. I got nothin’ here.

The recent racial hoaxer says he did it to get the television show he appeared on to raise his salary. The guy makes $125k per episode. That’s more than most of us make a year. And he wants a raise??

Sorry to say good-bye to Jan Michael Vincent, Feb 10 from a cardiac arrest. He appeared an I crap load of tv shows, (Air Wolf, Nash Bridges) and movies (Big Wednesday, Baby Blue Marine, White line fever). And to King Kong Bundy, pro wrestler and sorta tv actor (Married With Children, he was Peg’s uncle).


Two Hawaii state representatives, Stanley Chancey (D district 9) and Karl Rhouds (D district 13) have introduced Senate Bill 42 urging the U. S. Congress to eliminate the individual rights of U.S. citizens under the second Amendment.

Both men are Democrats, and attorneys. But nobody “wants to take your guns”.             Give them a call and let them know how you feel. I did.

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