Animal Motes Floating bB

An Australian woman arrived in Scotland and was very surprised to find a snake had made the trip with her. Tucked into one of her shoes, in her bag, was a small Ball Python. Evidently the snake was comfortable as it had already started shedding inside the shoe.

Villagers on the Amazon River were quiet surprised to discover a 26′ whale in the jungle, over 50′ from the riverside. The whale, said to be an immature Humpback, was probably washed up during a “cresting” of the river earlier that month. But it seems jungle critters really like seafood as the carcass had been “mostly consumed”.

In Florida, of course, a man walking his dog was able to fight off a wild coyote with his coffee cup. He really should try some decaf next time.

Finally, more than 8k people have signed a petition to sell Montana to Canada. On further investigation, the petition was started by some guy in Alabama. Now, what the heck has Alabama got against Canada?

Movie Note; Widows, a 2 hour and 5 minute movie that’s at least 45 minutes too long. Other than giving away its own ending about half way, save your time.

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