I’m Always Chasing Brain Motes

Recently I posted that one of the problems with women’s equality was that until they HAD to register for the draft, it wasn’t equal. Well, a recent court ruling says the “men only” draft is unconstitutional and must be changed.  Gimme a “Hell YA”.

Heard a story of a special kind of love. (No, not that kind.) A woman lost her father last year.. Since she couldn’t buy him a birthday present she went to her local box store and purchased a cart full of dog and cat toys, leashes, and treats and took it all to her local animal shelter. She did this in her fathers name. I am pretty sure Dad would approve. I know mine would have.

Movie to see : “Bad Times At The El Royale”. Great fun movie. Jeff Bridges just gets better with the years. See “Hell Or High Water” if you don’t agree. “Bad Times” surprised me, blew me away, and had a great ending. Must See.

They are now called “Private Military Contractors”  or PMC‘s. Throughout Africa, Asia, and South America they were called “mercenary”, or Soldiers of Fortune.  Now it pays better, has a nicer image, and isn’t spit upon when the name is spoken. The more things change, the more they repeat themselves. Mike Hoare   Robert Denard Col. Callan      Google them.

Sad to say Good-bye to Beverley Owen, 81, the original “Marilyn Munster”.  She gave us many happy afternoons.

Spent a great day just hanging out with my friend Ken Onion and his wife Noel. More on that later.









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