Don’t Grab The Hot Motes

A couple of sad notes first

Good-bye to Peter Tork of the “Monkees”. The whole concept and beginning of the band was over a bet between two producers. One said he could make a star out of anyone with the right staging and publicity.. He was right.

And to George Mendosa, the sailor in that  famous end of World War II picture of “The Kiss In Times Square”. Interesting background story. What you don’t see is the girl George was really with stranding off to one side. They ended up married for 71 years.

Surprise surprise surprise. (No this isn’t about Jim Neighbors.) The State of Hawaii does send homeless back to the mainland on one-way tickets.This has been a floating rumor for years. Now confirmed, the State pays half, the other half is covered by the visitor industry and private donors. There are some restrictions and they do have to have someone that will help them when they get “home”, but at least it’s something .

The definition of a SJW is; “Having so much free time and money you can spend your day on-line bitching about a John Wayne interview, from 1971”.  (@BridgetPhetasy). Of course most of those doing the bitching weren’t even alive at that time and really have no idea what life was like at the time. To them I say, : “Shut up, leave Mom’s basement, and go get a real job, not politics”.

A side note, I met Wayne in the elevator of the Ilikai in 1964 while he was filming “In Harm’s Way”. I was so star struck I couldn’t even speak. He was polite and said “Hi”.

A very nice article on my friend Ken Onion in this months Hawaiian Airlines Magazine.

I really miss Sunday at the “Tahitian Lanai”, coffee and banana muffins poolside. Really do miss it.

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