Little Floating Motes

Well, the “hate” crime of the century turns out to be another hoax. Real hate crimes, usually black on white, black on Jewish, or women on men, is rarely reported and never part of the CNN news hour.

It appears that white Christian men or women, cannot be the victims of hate crime. BS. Just ask anyone who’s ever gone through “kill haole” day.

The French International Fencing Association has just announced it will now recognize “Light Sabre” as a fencing weapon and will recognize its use in sanctioned competition. All I can conjure up is a bunch of overweight, be-speckled, nerdish, mom’s basement dwellers changing their names to “Fatbottom Sweatfast” and swinging their light sabre’s with wild abandon and very little skill.      I cringe.

The definition of insanity is often quoted as; “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Or we could say; “electing the same people over and over and expecting them to do something for us.” Lazy Hirono has been in office since 1980. She practiced law for 2 years (78-80) and has been a career politician for 39 years. But Hawaii keeps electing her over and over and over etc.

Maybe it’s really time to take a step forward and change things and see what result we get. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen? Please, someone tell what could happen. Please.

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