Told Ya So Motes

On July 23, 2018 ( 7 months ago) I tried to warn the Hawaii bikers that the helmet laws were coming this year. I got a big yawn.

Yesterday the announcement came out, with the usual 24 hours notice, the first “public” hearings are starting. On helmet laws. “But this only applies to moped’s. Not motorcycles.” That’s where it starts. If you don’t think that’s just the tip of the iceberg, just wait. Oh, and buy a helmet.


A while back I predicted Tulsi’s run at the presidency. Boy, I did not see David Duke    (a for real KKK member) endorsing her. That, I did not see.


Just heard Phantom of the Opera is returning to Honolulu. When it was performed here the first time, my boss bought tickets for everyone as a Christmas gift. At that time I was SBU president, and the date of the show was the same date as the Toys for Tots run that year.

I got up at five am, rode from Waianae to Ala Moana Park. Did all those little damn things that pop up during that run, lead the parade, went to the party (and we threw a party) afterward, rode back home, changed clothes, jumped in the car and drove to the Blaisdell theater, and saw the show.

Okay, maybe “saw the show” isn’t exactly accurate. I was there. It had been a long day. But this time I’m going to see it, remember it, and I’m gonna have a wonderful time.

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