SOAPBOX…SOAPBOX….you’ve been warned.

So he “caved”. Trump has appeared to be trying to keep those campaign promises. The optimum words here are try and appear. I like the idea of the wall. But the one promise I really want him to work on is the cost of prescription medication. That cost is the reason why, at 71 years old, I have work full time instead of sitting at my Hilo home and enjoying these years.

Harley Davidson has launched its electric motorcycle line. I predict it is the death ring for H-D. This is not what their owners want or will by. H-D owners are non-PC, out of the mainstream type people. They will not buy “electric” motorcycles. Let’s face it, an electric motorcycle is like a Tesla or a DeLorean. They’ll sell a few, but you don’t see many people with “Tesla” tattooed on there arm. I’ve never seen anyone with “DeLorean” tattooed across their back.

I don’t get it. The say they will raise taxes, spend more money, build less infra structure, give more “free” stuff, and people still vote for them.

Why do our “representatives” seem hell bent on controlling every aspect of our lives? What is wrong with people being adults and determining their own life? Example all the hohaha about smoking. If you own a bar, you put a sign that says “Smoking Establishment”. If you’re worried about  second hand smoke, be an adult and DON’T GO IN.  Likewise, if the sign says “Non-Smoking” and you want to smoke. “DON’T GO IN. In other words, act like a freaking adult.

Oh, and Representatives, how about representing your constituents once in a while?

Recently re-watched “The Avengers; Infinity War”. This time I was struck by how tragic Thanos really was, especially at the end. Watching the last scene; watching him walk from his hut into the morning light. His shoulders were slumped, and he limped badly. He looked so much like several combat officers I have seen at the end of long battles. They won the battle, but the price was great and weighed heavily upon their shoulders and souls. That was exactly the image I got from him.

Prepare for more Africa-type violence to sweep through South America.

Why do atheists get upset about a cross? The cross represents Christ, they don’t believe in Christ, so why are the upset?

Trevor, the worlds loneliest duck (google him) has passed away. He was last seen being eaten by a pack of dogs. (Kinda sounds like American politics don’t it?)

I hate people whom don’t keep promises. Like all those Hollywood types that’s swore they would move someplace else if Trump got elected. Madonna promised to give oral sex to everyone who voted for Hilary. Now we have a Saturday Night Live “writer” promising to “blow” anyone who hits a teenager wearing a MAGA hat. Actually, I don’t think it would be worth it.

I see that Liam Neeson, the Irish/British/American citizen that knows what’s best for all three countries, has come out with another movie where he uses many guns and bullets to promote his anti-gun (in America) crusade.  Hey Liam, don’t you get tired of being just another Hollywood Hypocrite?

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