Talk About Motes….

There is a bill in front of the Washington state legislature banning “Dwarf throwing” contests in bars and strip clubs. But axe throwing bars are still okay?

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to mount a mirror on the wall across from the toilet? Even I don’t want to watch me …..

Today, the FBI executed a swat style, 6 am raid. Fully armored and carrying automatic weapons, the raid was covered live by CNN. The vile culprit has been to court, charged with 6 “procedural” crimes and released on OR, his own recognizance. Even US Marshall’s don’t use this kind of power on convicted killers. So is now; “the right to remain silent”, “the right to an attorney”, and “the right to be covered by the network of our choice”?

She married her brother, ran for public office, and got elected.

Did I miss something here??????????????



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