Just Sayin’…..More Motes

I’m not going to jump on the Kentucky Catholic boy’s thing. I was leery from the start. But there are a lot of adult people that owe a bunch of young men a great deal of apologies. Shame on those rushing to judgement without the whole story.

I must admit that I have made those snap judgments in the past, but never with the consequences that have evolved from this incident.

Tulsi Gabbard should step down from her current position. This should be mandatory. She will be doing nothing for the residents in Hawaii (those are the people she has taken an oath to represent) while she runs for president. If she doesn’t get the nomination, she should not be allowed to continue/stay in office. Everything has a price. As it stands now, we the people are paying the price for her. She runs, still has a position, and we get no representation. That’s the price we pay. Shouldn’t she be the one paying?

When are the judges from the FISA court going to start asking questions about the warrants they issued after being lied to by the FBI? Shouldn’t these judges be just a little upset?

Another case of an “unfair fight”. Five men, wearing ski masks and armed with handguns, obviously just “uninvited guests” (the term used by the initial reporter).  There was a shootout, police recovered brass for at least four other weapons besides the homeowners AR. that resulted in three dead and two wounded bad guys.  “Uninvited Guests”??

NO !THESE ARE INVADERS! And they were dealt with in the manner they deserved. When armed people enter your space ( country or home) they are invaders.                     Just ask Poland.


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