Gently Floating Motes

Jimmy Kimmel went to great lengths to make fun of the recent “Go Fund Me” drive for the southern wall. That little drive raised nearly twenty million dollars in less than 30 days. I wonder how much money Kimmel could raise for….well anything.

I always enjoyed Glen Campbell and his music. I can remember watching his television show and guest appearances. Recently I spent some time listening to his last CD “Ghost on the Canvas” and his Greatest Hits CD’s. He bravely fought his Alzheimer disease and continued performing as long as he could. His death in August of 2017 was the sad end of a great life. I can highly recommend both CD’s for any collection. Adios, Glen. Adios

You gotta wonder about some people and how the got their job. I recently watched a UPS driver make a delivery at my Hilo home. He parked behind my car in the driveway, walked up to the front gate, and threw the package over the gate into the yard where the dogs sat watching him. He stood right in front of the big sign that said “DOORBELL”, with the arrow pointing to the doorbell, and ignored it. Good thing it was only exterior alarm camera’s and nothing fragile.

One of the big holiday events around my house, is the quarterly doggy spa day. Boy do they look pretty.

Right now there seems to be some misconception that movie/recording star means really smart and knows about everything. We have Jim Carrey, a second rate comedian that hasn’t done anything worth watching in years and is now acting like a painter; Aylssa Milano, an actress with almost no credits as an adult except when acting as a witch; Robert Davi, (who ?) a delusional Sinatra wannabe; Samuel L. Jackson, better known for his language and not his talent;  and of course the ancient wise one CHER (always in caps). All of these people somehow have decided they are experts on everything and keep telling us we’re all going to Hell and it’s all Trumps fault, the white man’s fault, the rich man’s fault, and WE (but not they) need to pay our ” fair share” of taxes.                     My my my, how did they get soooo smart?

So glad to hear Tulsi Gabbard has announced her run for the president. Now she can do for the country what she has done for Hawaii ….I got nothing here.

And we have a final score: Jeep 4, Storyteller 3.                     It was a close game. I still lost.

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