Aloha, New Year Motes

Wow, what a great New Year. Hilo was rocking the fireworks. It looked and sounded like a battlefield. Sure am glad those aerial fireworks are illegal.(snark) I had to put both dogs in the garage they were so shook up. I don’t much care for fireworks myself. If you want to shoot fireworks, light a 20 dollar bill on fire, and as it burns down shout  ” bang..boom…pow…bang”. Same waste of money, same effect, and you won’t disturb the neighbors.

Somethings get really crazy. Overheard at the KTA store, New Year’s Eve :                      “How much is the the sashimi  ?” ” $89.83 a pound.” (Yes, eighty nine dollars and eighty three cents a pound. For raw fish.) ) “Okay, let me have 5 pounds.” (Guy behind her grabs his chest and mimics a heart-attack.)

Just a thought; if they started a “Go-Fund-Me” for the Honolulu Rapid Transit Rail, how much would they raise?

It was sad to read of the passing of Ray Sawyer of “Dr. Hook and the Traveling Medicine Show”. Remind me to tell you about the 3 days I spent as their driver during a Crater Festival weekend. Well, I’ll tell you about as much of it as I remember, which ain’t much. He had a unique voice and style. I spent most of Sunday morning listening to the Greatest Hits cd while working in the yard.

Also saddened by the loss of “Sarge” from the “AHerdOfTurtles” blog site. I have enjoyed many chuckles and out right belly laughs at the stuff he came up with.  One of the major problems in our world today is the lack of laughter and the ability to make fun of ourselves. IMHO

As always, I hope everyone had a happy safe holiday. I’ll pick up from where I left off last year. Enjoy. And a as mentioned before, leave a comment if you wish. Hate mail will be disposed of, threats will be handled personally, and e-mails will be answered.


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