Dust Motes Floating In The Air

Check out Honolulu Civil Beat’s Danny DeGracia, his latest “10 Annoying things about living in Hawaii”. A really well done piece of writing. I highly suggest you check it out.

So the City Prosecutor, Keith Kaneshiro, has been sent a target letter from the FBI and refuses to step down. I would expect nothing less from this arrogant political game player. Let’s see how this one roles out.

I’m really glad Jason Mamoa is getting the accolades for “Aquaman”. I first saw him in “Bullet To The Head” with Stallone. But it was his Native American portrayal in “Road To Paloma” than showed me, he would be a star.

And under “you can’t make this up”:              Man Leaves Cardiologist; Has heart attack in the McDonald’s Drive Through.  Some people need to learn the hard way.

Okay, now the bad news. I’m headed home to Hilo until the seconds of Janurary so I won’y be posting anything. Expect this Friday, 12/21, I will be posting THE Christmas story. No not the one about Mary and Joseph, but the one about Julie and Storyteller.

So until next year, I hope the good Lord gives you joy,  your family health, and the New Year brings prosperity to all.

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