Jeep 3 – Storyteller 2

Okay, we have an update on the accident.

Got a call yesterday from my attorney. All-State ‘s third adjuster has decided the first 2 were wrong and their client running me down in the parking lot was NOT my fault after all.  Not even 70% my fault. They are now agreeing to pay up to the limits of their clients insurance, 20,000 dollars.

The medical bills were $19, 680, my lost wages are $6,868, and now my attorney fee’s will be about $6,000. This leaves me just under $13,000 in the hole. Cant’s sue the driver, he has less than nothing.

I could have written off the lost wages had they settled for the medical bills right up front, but no, they had to be hardaxxed about it and forced me to get an attorney and that ran up at least another 6 grand in legal fees.

All this because some guy can’t look behind himself while reversing into the 7-11 parking stall. And there is something wrong with the legal system when the victim (me) ends up  in the hole due to another’s negligence.


See where Tulsi is speaking about being in the the N.H. primary? Told ya she was looking for that national name recognition. She has never had Hawaii’s interest at heart. We were just a stepping stoner for her.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Sounds like Hawaii politics.

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