Toys For Tots… and other motes

Today is the first Sunday of December, the annual day for the Street Bikers United “Toys For Tots” ride and collection.

I rode, or attended, every TFT from 1976 to 2007. In 1985 I sneaked out of Queens after back surgery just to attend. I was first rider in two (’94 and ’95) parades, helped organize and publicized many many more. I was SBU president 3 times, served as a legislative representative , and the voice of SBU so many years it’s hard to remember. But it was never about “me”, it’s always been about the kids the toys are gathered.


Free Speech                                                                                                                                      There seems to be a lot of conversation about “free speech”. There is NO FREE SPEECH. There is a price you have to pay for everything, especially the words that come out of your mouth. Sometimes the price is just a little discomfort, other times it can cost you everything you hold dear. Remember that the next time you decide to “it’s just my opinion” something.

Recent Movies

Skyscraper ; The Rock as found his special niche in the movies. It’s a good mindless, action flick and a swell  way to waste an evening. No Oscar, but what the heck.                     The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ; borrrriiiinnnngggg.                                                               Hotel Transylvania 3 ; like Skyscraper a pleasant way to lose an evening. Funny, childish, and without world shaking political commentary.


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