It’s Monday


It appears I dropped this last time. “Chicken and Joy”?


Lately Schatz and Gabbard have both seemed to have a lot of stupid to say. Years ago I was taught when you want to find the reason for anything, first ask who does this action “profit / benefit”?  We all know that neither of these two are actually good legislators.  He is a living example of the “Peter Principle” and she seems a lot more concerned with world problems than Hawaii’s problems. First, I am sure Schatz has risen to his highest level of incompetence.  But she wants a national stage. So why does she speak, to gain that national name recognition. The hell with us voters. There’s your answer.

Tear Gas at the boarder? When a group of people from one country, force their way into another country and start making demands, it’s rightfully called an invasion. (Ask Poland how that works.) Sure there are women and children in the front, there to be photographed and videoed, but the U.N. report on the “caravan” states it is more than 85% military age males. Tear gas is just the start. It’ll get worse.

Recently read a report on TSA. Seems there have been over 200 reported firearms related incidents in the past 10 years. These include everything from leaving a firearm behind in a bathroom stall, negligent discharges, showing up for flights intoxicated, and my personal favorite, showing up for firearms training intoxicated. It went on further to say; “Air Marshals receive extensive firearms training that surpasses that of other Law Enforcement agencies”. Really?

It now seems that it is okay to assault someone if you disagree with them. (I’ve never agreed with anyone I’ve assaulted.) You can have the moral high ground if you feel offended. It’s now okay onto grab someone’s hat, or throw soda on their offensive t-shirt. But remember, they could get offended at your being offended, and that would cause a disagreement. That just might result in you getting your ass kicked. Pick your “offenses” carefully.

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