Nothing To Say ?

Well, mid-term elections are over. Hawaii’s voters were typically unmotivated and the turn out not any better than any other election. The big question should be ;WHY??

This is my opinion, only my opinion. I have no facts, no polls, and no proof. Just an opinion.

Those that were running for office had nothing to say.

I did not know what made Tupola different than Ige. I didn’t know what or where she stood. She just didn’t seem to have much to say. There were a lot of “town hall” type meetings, sign waving, litter pick-ups but no public statements that I heard. Her running mate had several “Pay to play”, and “I remember my password” ads, but she came off half crazed and not really sounding very Lieutenant Governorish.

The Dem’s didn’t bother to say anything because they were the incumbents and that usually means the same as elected.

Ige finally agreed to a debate, very late in the race, which I watched and felt Tupola won easily. And then she got quiet again. She didn’t seem to have anything to say. She absolutely failed to capitalize on the debate.

So there you have it. There appeared to be no difference between the candidates, no arguments, no “I will do ..” statements from the either side.

Republicans, you gotta speak up. Like my dear old Granny used to say, “If you don’t blow your own horn, nobody will ask you to join the band.”


Just got a call from the Star Advertiser, they’re printing a shorter version n of this. Whoooohaaaa…

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