More Dust Motes

Destroyed .

On the wharf of Savona, Italy, large waves swept over the parked vehicles and caused the batteries to short out and set fire to many of the vehicles. Somewhere between one and two hundred vehicles were destroyed. At over $100 k per vehicle, the hundreds of Maserati’s will certainly cause some insurance adjuster to consider another profession.


Recent story about an actor so desperate he cut off his own arm, and pretended to be a disabled vet, all to get better acting parts. Even Alec Baldwin wouldn’t go that far.


Hollywood needs a “purge”. Madonna speaks about “burning down the White House”, Babs Streisand is so depressed over Trump she is pigging out on chocolate ice cream, and Jxxx Fxxxa (I refuse to use her name) compares the duly elected President to the “Third Reich”.


If a bunch of people from one country, walk into another country and start making demands, history used to refer to it as an invasion. Now it’s a “migrant caravan”.


But hey, I’m still younger than Mickey Mouse who just turned 90 years old.

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