Porky Problem

Not me, well yes I’ve gained some weight, but my porky problem is my neighbors “pet” pig “Buddy”. That black lump at the top of the driveway is not a big rock, it’s a big pig. Critter must run between 450-500 pounds.  See that big bent section of fence? That’s where piggy scratched his back with my fence.


I also have pig scat all over the front of my yard and driveway.  With Julie on           immuno-suppressants, that raises health hazards we just don’t need.

My neighbor doesn’t seem to do much to keep Buddy fenced in, he pretty much wanders as he wants, despite my even offering to help build a pen for him. Buddy also walks to my other neighbor’s house, he likes to eat the dog food and walk under her house. Problem is, when he walks under the house, he breaks the water pipes. He has caused a lot of damage, and bad feelings, in the neighborhood.

Remember a while back it took Hilo P.D. 3 ½ hours to respond to a “suspicious vehicle” call?  Well, while rebuilding the drive-way,Buddy was getting in the way. I went to her house and asked her to come and get “her pig”. You know how these kind of conversations usually end up. She called 9 1 1 and it took ten minutes for the P.D. to arrive, 3 of them, to “speak to me” about threatening her pig. (I must be a very bad man.)

Well, piggy has been back, Julie watched him as he tore up the neighbors’ garbage bag and left garbage up and down the driveway. She even took a picture of Buddy with his nose in the bag just before he ripped it open. Humane Society and Hilo P.D. were called. Humane Society did nothing.  Once again H.P.D. took its sweet time, 3 hours, to get there.

I’ve filed complaints with the Planning Commission, filed police reports and filed complaints with the Human Society. Short of digging a very big hole in an empty lot, I am at my wits end.

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