This ‘N That

Big hoohaha about Taylor Swift actually speaking out for a specific candidate. I don’t live in Tennessee so it’s no difference to me, but if she’s going to speak out, she should at least registered to vote. That’s right, she isn’t registered.

Many years ago I attended a question and answer evening with (then) Honolulu Mayor, The Honorable Frank Fasi. Yes,  I know opinions differ on him, widely, but he was elected so that should speak for itself.

During the q and a, he would ask each questioner if they were they registered to vote. He would then go ahead and take their question. One individual stood and when quizzed told Frank he didn’t believe in military service and was not registered to vote.  Frank, very politely but very firmly, told this person if they couldn’t be bothered to register, they didn’t have any business questioning the government. The crowd approved. The questioner sat down. Frank was re-elected.


Saw in the news Bill Coors, yes that Coors family, just passed away at 102 years old. Maybe there is something to that Rocky Mountain water.


Help, I’ve been invaded by yard gnomes.

Every now and then someone will ask me what blogs do I read on a consistent basis. It’s really too many to list here, so just go to the Gun Blog Blacklist and start reading. There’s something there for everyone.

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