Just Sayin’

It was with sadness that I read of the passing of Hawaii entertainer Wisa D’Orso. I met Ms. D’Orso in Waikiki during the 70’s and 80’s. Several of us would attend her late night shows after 3rd watch. She was always gracious, entertaining, and had a wonderful sense of humor. She will be missed.

I recently read an article, one, regarding the Zulu empire in South Africa announcing its protection of the doomed white farmers. If you haven’t kept up, it is an active genocide. There has been over 700 deadly attacks on “white” farmers in the past 3 years. Soon they will be no farmers and no food. The Zulu have declared this is not a good idea and have come to the aid of those farmers. Problem is, I had one article that I cannot now find. Nowhere in the MSM had this been reported. Hell, there has been very little coverage of the farmer’s plight….



Just a thought; many police officers don’t decide if they are going to give you a warning or a ticket until they see what kind of response they get when talking to you. This sticker is probably not the best idea.  Just sayin’.

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