Another word on the Kavanaugh fiasco. The Ford side kind of glossed over her “Lie Detector” test and its results. Many years ago I was an investigator with the private firm “DETEC”, and worked with a gentleman named Larry Anderson.

Anderson was one of the top rated polygraph, lie detector, operators in Hawaii and was well known throughout the U.S. investigative community. He taught me a great deal about polygraphs, how they work, what they can and cannot achieve, and mostly how to “defeat” a test.  If a schmuck like me can “beat the machine”, an extremely intelligent doctor like Ms. Ford could certainly get the results that she wanted. And like a poll, the results can be swayed by the wording of the questions asked.    Just sayin”.

I still think way too many people have taken an old, 70’s sci-fi film “Wild In The Streets” as a documentary, instead for the really bad movie it was.

I keep hearing people refer to someone as a “cowboy”. And they say it as if it is a bad thing. Just sayin’.



Well look at this. My buddy Jim Newberry and fellow safety trainer, is on the cover of “Pacific Rim Safety Source”. I’ve taken classes, and spent many hours just talking with him. He is a gentleman, a scholar, and certainly has earned the accolades of our safety community. Also interesting, the article was written by another old friend, and former Honolulu three dot columnist, Don Chapman. Small world.

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