Soapbox…Soapbox…you’ve been warned.

We truly have entered the “Crazy Years”. The rampant, unrepentant hate displayed over the Kavanaugh nomination was repulsive. The demand to “believe the survivor”, without evidence or witness’, was against everything this country has always stood for. The right to face your accuser and the preponderance of evidence are two of the tenants of the uniquely American system of law. These were thrown out the window and replace with something just short of Gladiator games.

Women are “not equal under the law”. OK Alyssa, right after you go down to the selective service board and register like all men do. Remember the radio ad’s, “you can be denied government employment, schools loans, and even go to jail” if, as a man turning 18 years old, you do not. How come nobody is bringing that up? The old, “there’s no draft” argument doesn’t hold water. If there is the possibility “of jail”, it should be applied to everyone.  Both sex’s and all genders.

On a recent walk through the bookstore, a rack of romance novels caught my attention. There had to be 15 to 20 books where the hunky male sex object was a SWAT cop, or a biker. Ok, the SWAT cops I can understand. SWAT cops are mostly young, well built and  very fit, men.  Hey why not. Makes sense. But, let’s face it, most bikers idea of romance is standing by the side of the road screaming “show me you tits” and trying to not spill their beer. This one I don’t get.


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