Picture Says It All

lolo sign.jpg

Drive safe.

Every cop I ever knew hated traffic stops. You never know what can happen. They can turn on you in a heartbeat. But you always call off. Always.

          CALL OFF

Traffic stops can be crazy. You “always” radio off before approaching a vehicle you’ve pulled over.

Always. If you can.

The Ford was late on the red lIght. Not accident late, but late enough to warrant a stop and ticket. Dropping in behind him I turned on the blue lights and touched the horn. No siren yet, just a little beep on the horn.


(Dispatch)-Standing by 43-

-43, need rap and warrants on that last –

(D)10-4 43. Stand by-

-56 central?-

(D)-Stand by 56. Go ahead 128-

-128, I’ll be off Century Building Suite 1404 on burglary follow-up-

(D)-10-4 128. Off at 1557 hours-


(D)-Go ahead 44-

-44; stopping Alpha Bravo Yankee 414. King and Elm. Code 10 please.-

-56 Dispatch?-

-43 standing by-

(D)-43, no warrants. Driver has seven priors. Readout?-

-Negative. Hold the card I’ll call.-

By now the Fords driver appears to be getting antsy. I try one more time.


(D)- All units. An APB on an Auto Theft just occurred. A 1978 Chevrolet Camaro, 2 door, blue in color. License number Delta Bravo Charley 338. Taken between 1445 hours and 1530 hours this date. APB at 1603 hours.-

The driver is definitely looking antsy now; his head is on a swivel.  Better talk to him now, call it in later.

“Excuse me Sir. May I see your license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance? You were a little late crossing the intersection.”

“The light was yellow. Fuck off.”

“No Sir, the light was red. Now let me have your license, registration and insurance card,”

(He’s getting out. Step back so he doesn’t hit you with the door. Christ he’s a big bastard.)

“Sure Pig. You want my license, come and take it.”

(D)-Central standing by for 56-

(D)-Calling 56-

(D)-Calling 56-

(D) Central calling 56 at 1609 hours.

(D)-Central calling any unit with 10-5 of unit 56. Unit does not respond to Central and I have no call off for him. Any unit with 56 location please respond-

(D)- All units clear for emergency broadcast.

(D)-Refused caller reports officer in trouble. Reports officer struggling with male at the intersection of Queen and Auhai. Possible unit 56. Units responding please advise Central. 1611 hours.-

Call off. Always.

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