Happy Birthday Ranger

I was remiss in not mentioning my birthday last Friday, the 14th.

A birthday I gladly share with one of the greatest hero’s of the small, and large screen, the Lone Ranger himself, Clayton Moore.

The part of the Ranger and his virtues helped Moore change his life, and made him a man worth praising. He’s had a good career before being cast, went into depression when he lost the role, and re-emerged as the true hero when he earned the part back.

i have several signed pictures of the ranger and since he and I share the birthday I will say…


SOAPBOX     SOAPBOX       SOAPBOX     (there you’ve been warned.)

On a different note, I make no secret of my politics. I also make no secret that I would like to see a lot of change in Hawaii. Less .gov interference. Less.gov hands in my wallet. Recently I was asked to join the Tupuola campaign, but I don’t know what, if anything, she stands for or behind. So I sent an e-mail to her hq which included the following

  1. Don’t expect me the wave signs until you come out and tell me, and everyone else, what you will do when governor and how it will differ from the current governor. And I want to hear it loudly and publicly, not just in quiet safe meetings with your supporters.

2)  Tell me you do, or don’t, support the President and will, or won’t, allow your Attorney General to waste tax payer’s money to sue the President over something that has, or will have, negligible effect on my state and my economy. But is paid for by my taxes.

3)   I want to see you out in public telling me what you will do and asking for my vote at the top of your voice, not running this quiet little shadow campaign. I realize this is the way it’s always done, but time to change the “way it’s always done”.

Remember, if you don’t blow your own horn, nobody will ask you to join the band.


Well, so far no response, no ” loud and public” statements, and it is still, to my knowledge, a shadow campaign. Oh well, maybe next time.










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