More Dust…More Space

She wrote the book; “How To Murder Your Husband”.                                                     Now she is in jail for killing her husband. Is it life imitating art, or just really bad fact checking?

Transgender Man In Woman’s Prison Sexually Assaults Female Inmates.                    So he decided he was a lesbian? Boy, talk about confused.

California Man Tries To Stab Candidate; Switchblade Knife Fails.                                           That’ll teach him to bring a knife to a gun fight. Can I say that? Bet you it was a cheap Mexican knockoff.

Nike Controversy.                                                                                                                    Nobody has asked, but I find it horribly offensive. Kaperdick hasn’t really sacrificed anything, I don’t believe he really “believes” what he says, and I’ll start believing when these NFL players start doing something in their off-season to change whatever it is they are protesting. You know, put some of their millions where their mouths are. Until then, it’s all just theater.

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