Free Air Space…Between My Ears

Pole Dancer Hired For School First Day celebration. In China. What the headline doesn’t tell you, it was the first day at a nursery school and it was a stripper type pole dancer. It also related parent were complaining. To me, this ranks right up the with “Drag Queen Story Hour” in America. Oh, and didn’t China crack down of “funeral strippers”? A girl has got to make a living.

Recently saw the newest Lara Croft movie. Not bad, for it’s genre. But it reminds me of the “Modesty Blaise” books and comic strips of the 60’s and 70’s. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Angie and Brad was almost good enough to be a Blaise movie. The 60’s version movie “Modesty Blaise” was horse crap, ; the 2004 “My Name Is Modesty” was a well filmed, acceptably acted “prequel” that could have launched a whole series of movies. If you like fairly lighthearted spy stories, try Modesty Blaise,

A recent study of the “freedom” of states caught my eye. It measured just about everything from taxes, transportation, local government interference, ease of running a business, and things that make a “free” society. Guess where Hawaii ranked.  Come on, guess…… We ranked right above New York, which was ranked 50th. Yep, Hawaii is one of the least “free” states. Is anybody surprised?

Warren (Elizabeth) Mounts Blitz Insisting Cherokee Claims Never Helped Her. So I guess it’s  okay to lie as long as it doesn’t help. Or, it’s okay to lie because nobody believed it anyway.



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