Just Sayin’

Many have asked me about the recent court ruling on “open carry”. As I have told them, it won’t change a thing. At least not in my life time. I have also stated that I am not in favor of open carry in the city. Never have been.

It appears the State of Hawaii does not want it’s citizens to be armed. No permits are issued for concealed carry, very few “guard” company’s get carry privileges, and it gets harder to “acquire” a firearm every year.

Our home in Hilo is 7 miles from the Pahoa police station. That is 4 miles down highway #130, 2.5 miles up Ainaloa Drive, and .5 miles down Tangerine Drive. All open, wide, paved road except for the last .5 which is unimproved cinder roadway.

The other night, after dark, a vehicle pulled into our driveway, turned off its lights, and sat there. When my wife turned on the exterior lights, the vehicle reversed, still without lights, and drove to my neighbors driveway and entered, still without lights. When approached by my neighbor, the vehicle driver called out “I must have the wrong house”, backed out and drove off. Still without turning on the vehicle lights.

Suspicious? You damn right. So my wife, and my neighbor, called the Hilo Police and requested officers to check out a “suspicious vehicle”.  This was at 7:10 in the evening.

The officers, 3, arrived shorty after 10 pm. Yes, 3 hours later. Let me repeat that,                                                               three hours later.

Two officers got out of their vehicles, the third never even bothered, and they interviewed my wife, and my neighbor. Both officers appeared bored, uninterested, and barely took any notes. In fact, both my wife and neighbor, interviewed by 2 separate officers in different locations, told me officers were yawning while “interviewing” them. I used quotes on that last, because it could only be called an interview by the largest stretch of imagination.

The police are incapable of responding fast enough to prevent anything, have no legal mandate to protect you or your family, and don’t seem very interested in doing what we as citizens perceive as their job.

I am not in favor of open carry in the city. Never have been.  But sure wish it was allowed in the “country” where I live. A woman, or anyone else for that matter, at night, where police are more than minutes away, should be allowed to protect herself and family.  Period.

Self defense and defense of family is not a privilege. It is a God given right. 

I’m just sayin’.

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