Headline Rip

More news ripped from some sort of headlines.

PETA asks Maine Legislature for permission to create roadside headstone for lobsters.             How many lobsters will see it? They don’t drive.

Did you know the EPA has an office of “Noise Abatement and Control”?                   Neither did I. And considering the amount of noise I hear coming from vehicles 11 floors below me, this .gov office isn’t any better than the others. Since it’s funded until 2023, guess there won’t be any change soon.

“Drivers Beware: Issuing Traffic Tickets Just Got Easier For Honolulu Police”          Just freakin’ terrific. Easier. Remember, they still have to catch you.

New Dress Code for California School District: Must Cover Genitals, Buttocks, and Nipples;

Hell, I remember when you couldn’t wear slippers to school. And you still can’t wear an NRA  t-shirt.

How do you celebrate turning 100 ? How about jumping out of a plane.                          A World War 2 veteran did just that recently out at the Dillingham Airfield jump site. Recently I posted some memories of skydiving. More power and many more years to this fellow.

Thanks for the visit. Comments are always welcome.Threats will be dealt with privately and love poems published.

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