Big Wind A’Comin’

Well, everybody is in the “batten down the hatches” mode due to Hurricane Lane coming.

All of our job sites at military bases are closed until Monday.

My company offices are closed until Monday.

So I’m grabbing an early flight to Hilo to weather out the “storm”at home. So there won’t be any entries until next week.

So here’s a short one, to keep you interested.

Don’t Editorialize

More than once my mouth and sense of humor has gotten me in, well if not trouble, at least in bad spots.

All too often I forget to hook that filter between brain and mouth.

I was working at the Country station, KDEO. “ AM 940 on your radio dial”, and I was the midnight to 6 am man, Saturday and Sunday.

You don’t expect many listeners between 4 am and 6 am, least of all on Sunday morning, and never any members of the station management.

On that shift, you usually don’t have any commercials, except PSA’s (public service announcements), from 2-5 am  and your 1st actual commercial is usually 5:10 am or so.

It was a taped commercial, for Snapple, and at the end I had to deliver the tag line, live, “Snapple, made from the BEST stuff on earth”. But that brain-mouth filter didn’t fall into place fast enough and I added an additional line, “If you want something made out of STUFF.” With a whole lot of emphasis on the word stuff.

When the station phone rang I looked and it was 5:13 am, Sunday morning. I answered and the program director said, “We don’t editorialize commercials. Clear?”

Got that message loud and clear.


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