Dust Motes Between My Ears

In California; a man is killed by a passing vehicle while walking on the freeway; just after he beat a man to death with a baseball bat after a road rage incident. Gotta love swift karma.

In Georgia; a woman forced a man to have sex at machete point. But he swears he didn’t enjoy it.

A woman about her lost pet; “She’s not harmful to people for sure”. Pit Bull? Doberman?  “She only eats chicken.” She is talking about her missing 14 foot long reticulated python. If it gets hungry enough, everything will taste like chicken.

In Chicago; a crowd of protesters shut down the freeway to protest gun violence. Protest on the freeway?  Yes, because there’s some parts in Chicago you just don’t go. You might get shot.

Remember, it really is important who is in the cockpit. Especially when the plane is going down.








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