Brain Air


St. Andrews summer fun. Sumo bang?



There’s a dragon eating our kids…also St. Andrews.

How come kids have all the fun? I know some adults that’d get a kick outta playing here.


The Storyteller Clan at its occasional family Chinese Dinner. From left to right,

Jeff, Jamie, Jon, Maka, Storyteller, Julie, Lori, Evan (hidden behind his sister), Becca, and Marshall. After a big dinner, what did everyone want…. “Gellato”.

It was great seeing daughter Lori, Marshall and the grand-kids. This was the first meeting of Jeff (Jamie’s bf) and Maka (Jon’s gf). I liked them both.


I can highly recommend Dr. Au and his acupuncture. I have regained full use of the right hand and arm and I give credit to Dr. Au and his work. He accepts most insurance and also handles  traditional oriental medicinal herbs and remedies. Best is the address, 1911 S, King St. If you don’t know why I like it, ask sometime.


Sometime’s I really miss the old Chuck Wagon on Kapiolani and its prime rib buffet. It was clean, inexpensive, and damn the food was pretty good. I’m going to try and bring up old places every now and then, cause I been here a long time and watched some good places come and go.


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