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Last year we went to the Signature Steak and Seafood Restaurant, high atop the Ala Moana Hotel. Here is the review I sent the head office and posted in Yelp.

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Made reservations to celebrate my 70th birthday, 2 weeks early. Wife and I were on time and dressed appropriately. Our table seemed to be an add on, you know the holiday kids table just outside the kitchen. Our staff, I say that because we seldom saw the same waiter 2 times in a row, was less than attentive. In fact, we each had one glass of water during the entire meal, because nobody ever bothered to refill them. We decided to split a baked potato, asked for condiments “on the side”. After asking two different staff, we finally got the condiments, 8 minutes (I timed it), after the potato and steak. The condiments appeared to have been slapped into dishes as a quick “shut them up” service, no presentation at all. I cannot comment on the background music, I know there was someone playing the piano, since our table was just outside the kitchen swinging door and it’s constant swishing noise and the conversation from the bar overpowered everything else. The food was good, no better than several other high end establishments here in town, but the lack of civil treatment overshadowed it by a huge margin. When we ordered after dinner coffee, it was served with a plastic straw stirrer. Really? As my wife and I departed, a bus-person felt it necessary to remind me, from the other side of the room and at the top of his voice,, not to forget my hat. As if I would forget a hat valued at 3 times the price of the meal I just didn’t enjoy.
This is the essentially same review and comments I posted to the  Signature web site the following day.
Return ? I think not.
James P.

I have never heard from the home office, or any other representative of the chain.

And I would like to know why Yelp considers my review “unreliable”. I checked, there were many “poor’ reviews. None quite as scathing as mine, but unhappy just the same. Because I didn’t post a picture? Because I don’t have a Twitter with dozens of followers? Or maybe they just don’t like….

Whatever. I’m re-posting it here in the off chance one of my readers might be considering eating there. Don’t.

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