Brain Air

The sky is not falling.

Kavanagh will not repeal Roe-v-Wade or anything else.

The recent court ruling on “open carry” will not cause gun fights on Bishop Street at high noon.

People will not be able to 3D print their own machine guns and 50 caliber rifles.

Electing the same people over and over will not result in any changes, only more of the same.

There, I said it. Let the stoning commence.


Something to think about;

I saw my grandfather sitting, crying. I asked him why. He said :

“My shoes are too tight; but that’s okay as I have forgotten how to dance.”

Just think about it for a while.


Recently watched a terrific movie “Shot Caller” staring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Jon Bernthal. An incredible movie on how a man went from selling insurance, to the head of the Aryan Nation. One tragic mistake starts it all. The full ripple effect.

Then last week was the death of  Barry Byron Mills, the real leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, at age 70, inside the Colorado Super-Max prison. He was doing multi-life sentences, which is stupid as you can only do one.

I don’t know if the movie was based on Mills life or just a good script. But I will say it drove shivers up my spine with it’s plausibility.

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