More Air Between My Ears

Previously I posted; “NYC has passed Honolulu in the “You can’t think for yourself” laws. Honolulu has a no-cell while crossing the street law, NYC says “smoking while walking” is now illegal.”

I stand corrected. Seattle and Calipornia have now outlawed drinking straws. In some places you can actually do more time for possession of a straw, than you can for purposely exposing someone to HIV.

We’ve found out about all the people that “assisted” the Hilo cop killer. But Randall Saito made it out of the state hospital and to California all by himself.

Isn’t “Democratic Socialist” a contradictory term?

Am I the only one really really tired of the “Skittles Pox” commercial?

“Egyptian Zoo Accused of Painting Donkey To Look Like Zebra”. You just can’t make this stuff up.

We are living in Heinlein’s “crazy times”. Really !


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