Stuff and Thoughts

While I was laid up I started a binge on the Amazon Prime  series “Goliath” with Billy Bob Thornton.

I gotta say, he has never been better. He is a deep thought  provoking actor and this series lets him display his talent.  William Hurt and Maria Bello are good, solid actors but they shine in this series. Highly recommended.

Believe it or not, there is, off-Broadway of course, “Green Acres, The Musical”

Bill Clinton and James Patterson have written a murder mystery and are out promoting it. I didn’t know either one needed the money that bad.

The NetFlix show “Glow” makes me think about the time I was the trainer, promoter, and announcer for Honolulu’s only professional women’s jello wrestling team.

Good news: Eating Dark Chocolate reduces stress and inflammation.

NYC has passed Honolulu in the “You can’t think for yourself” laws. Honolulu has a no-cell while crossing the street law, NYC says “smoking while walking” is now illegal.

When your mate says,”I know you’re not going to like this”, they’re usually right.




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