Thoughts and Stuff

Why does everyone cry about the “rights” of illegal aliens? They are not citizens of the U.S., they don’t get rights.  If they want to become “immigrants”, fine. Then they get the whole shebang. But as long as they are trying to enter illegally, they only have the rights God gave them, to live.


I really miss places like “The Jolly Roger Crows Nest”, “Keone’s”, and Sunday morning coffee and banana muffins poolside at the Tahitian Lanai.


A while back I was involved in building a Federal Fire Department Fire House. At the very end, we had to install wheelchair ramps and braille plates on all the rooms. I don’t know about you, but if my house is on fire, don’t send the blind wheelchair fireman. Send me that big dude on the calendar.


It is now time for bullshit, horseshit, and batshit. In otherwords elections. We have way too many lifetime politicians. Government service was supposed to be just that, service to your friends and neighbors. Not a full time career.

One touts her 35 years of experience, in politics. Another says vote for him because he sued the President. Another says she didn’t do any debates, because nobody asked her.

These comments show just how stupid these people think the voters really are. The problem is every time we re-elect them, we show they’re right.


How did that State Hospital escapee plan all that by himself? How did he get the clothes, money, and reservations, all by himself. Oh, he didn’t do it by himself? Then why the hell hasn’t anybody been indicted and brought to trial? Who’s asleep here?


Last, but certainly not…

Violent street gang “Trinitarios” apologizes for killing the wrong 15 year old kid. They slashed him to death with machete’s. But hey, they’re sorry so that makes it okay.                                                                                                          Did I miss something here?


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