Back To Work..Soapbox…

Well, after one month and seven days after being hit, I’m released to return to full work. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

So far his insurance company has provided me with nill, nada, and nothing. Medical bills are well over $18,000.00 and I’ve  received nothing indicating any of them have been paid. I did speak to one of their agents, and she was truly good at not answering questions. Big surprise there.

Restarted working out, and stretching every day so either the numbness will go away, or it won’t.

Hey, how about some headlines ripped (?) from the news.

Man Batters Boyfriend With Singing Fish.

Jeff Foxworthy, is that you?

Taliban Claims U.S. Violated Free Speech During Ceasefire.

Wait, they have free speech?? Does bombing the crap out of them violate their speech?

Jodie Foster Would Rather Have Robots Own Firearms.

Lets see: Taxi Driver, lots of guns; Catchfire, lots of guns; The Silence of the Lambs, Foster using a gun; Maverick, lots of gun play; Panic Room, Foster uses a gun; The Brave One, vengeance and guns; Carnage, revenge and guns; Elysium, elites and guns; Money Monster; revenge and explosives.  I think I’d rather have robots own Jodie Foster. I wonder how many security agents Foster uses. At least a robot wouldn’t be such a hypocrite.

Maybe I ought to write a real gun movie. You know, where the bad guys have the guns, the good guys are victims, the cops are lazy and do nothing, the good guy does something  in revenge, gets arrested, gets bankrupted by legal fees, and then goes to jail form the rest of his life. You know, real to life.





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