While recovering at home in Hilo, I watched a few movies, some new, some old, and many favorites. It was while watching an old favorite I realized what is wrong with U.S. politics.

The movie was John Wayne in “The Alamo”.  ?? you say. Okay, stay with me.

John Wayne was Davy Crockett.

Crockett was a simple man, with an elementary education. He spent much of his youth working off family debts. He was not a lawyer. He could read and write, but was not a successful businessman.

He did spend 6 years in the U.S. House of Representatives  for the state of Tennessee. He was not a lawyer.

When they wrote the Constitution, the “founding fathers”, in my opinion, did not envision the professional politician.  They felt serving as a representative or congressman was a “service”, not a life long career.

Crockett served his terms and left. According to some historical reports, when he lost his attempt to be reelected, he told his fellow politicians, “Ya’all can go to Hell. I’m going to Teas.”

Now, we have people that once elected never stop “serving”.  Most of them have law degrees.

So there’s my point. We now have politicians that stay in office their whole career.

Too bad some of them don’t “go to Texas”.

You were warned.


By the way, my accident (ambulance ride, tests, and 8+ hours at Q.M.C.) so far the bills are $17,858.31. And lost wages.

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