Memorial Day 2018 cont.

Please take a moment and go back to my May 5 entry, “Candle Light Run”.  This is a very solemn day for me, and many I know, and this will be a “no smart ass” day.

Healing is going as well as can be expected.


These are pictures of the night sky here in Hilo. The first and third were taken from the parking lot of the Black Rock Cafe in Old Pahoa town. The second was taken in my back yard. It is awesome, scary, and beautiful all at the same time.


Enough for now. I wish all a safe day, and please take just 1 moment to remember those we honor today. I don’t care about your politics, religion, or sexual orientation. Those men and woman died so you can freely express who you are, what you believe, and do so without  fear. God Bless.

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