And I’m still 0. I’ve spent the last week at home in Hilo. It’s been absolutely beautiful weather, no problems with vog, and I can barely move. A little activity and my back locks up so bad I almost scream. So the lawn gets longer, the frogs get louder, and I get crankier.

Trying to walk a little every day, and that’s as much as I can handle. Sitting is no good for more than 15-25 minutes, walking for 5-8 minutes is a max, and lifting anything is out of the question. In others words, this crap sucks.

His insurance representative called, and really asked more questions about my medical history than she did about the accident. I could hear her thinking “mitigating prior injury”. In fact, she didn’t ask a single question about the accident. You know, the one where your client backed into me with his Jeep.


So I will probably have to get a lawyer.


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