Jeep -1 ; Storyteller -0

Gonna be a little light on the posting for a few days.

Yesterday I was walking across the parking lot at the 7-11 to get a morning cup of coffee. A “gentleman” was not looking where he was reversing and struck me with his jeep. I then spent 7+ hours in the QMC ER being poked, blooded, X-rayed, CT Scanned, and MRI’d. Lot’s of bruises and soft tissue damage, but nothing broken. It’s just really hard to move right now. And did I mention PAIN, lot’s and lot’s of pain.

The worse part was as I lay in the filthy parking lot, hoping nothing was badly damaged, the driver seemed to think it was funny. In fact, he was laughing when he called his boss to tell him he’d be late. Ha ha ha.

And never said a word in apology. That hurt as much as being hit.

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